Artist : (c) Amir Shingray

Blakk Indians in Bolivia

Welcome to The Fire This Time site

....We extend a special welcome to our sisters and brothers in Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries. Our aim is to provide a greater understanding of the struggles and triumphs of the various indigenous peoples and other freedom fighters like Assata Shakur.

....We live in an era where in the face of brazen arrogance on the part of amerikkka and its allies we need to be more defiant and creative than ever!!!

....TFTT is pleased to announce the launch of our new label I.R. that releases music that deal with the twin themes of Indigenous resistance/Indigenous reality. We have also published the online Indigenous resistance comic Kona Warrior and the book: Understanding The Connections Between Black and Aboriginal Peoples. This book explores the political, spiritual and cultural links between African American, Black and Native American and Indigenous peoples. You can view photos and excerpts from this book on this site just go straight to Raging Blakkindian menu. You can also visit Dub Navigation our new spoken word multimedia odyssey recorded in various parts of the world. Dub Navigation features a series of incisive flash animations done by Infiltrator Dub. We have also expanded our freedub concept to provide free posters by Dubdem to the public.

....Our aim is to make the links between the various struggles occurring in the world.
....From the fight for independence being waged by indigenous people in West Papua New Guinea to the unjust incarcerations of political prisoners like Mumia Jamal, Leonard Peltier, The Move 9 and Puerto Rican freedom fighters.
....All these scenarios are linked to a state of exploitation which exists in the world today that enables so few to have so much while so many go hungry and without shelter. These are some of the issues that inspire our recordings.

(the struggle continues)